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Meet The Artists


Amy Buntyn Steinberg

Amy Buntyn Steinberg combines figurative work, surrealism, and assemblage in her artwork. Much of her work represents memories of people she connected with while living in the south. Other pieces express her love of beach living, birds, and sea life. Additionally, she collects hardware from her adventures to add as 3D elements within her work. 


Laura McHugh

Laura McHugh uses maps as a first layer in all her pieces as a touchstone to ground the journey. Each piece involves as many as 20-30 layers of cold wax and oil paint, including intermediate addition of textures that represent the topography and geography of her interior conversations as she makes the piece. In her work, she examines different paths of introspection  – personal maps of constantly looking for what is around the next turn and under the next rock.


Richard Smith 

Richard was a registered nurse whose practice included Pediatrics and Hospice Care until the dawning of the 21st century when he quit nursing to take up the adventure of sculpting. His daily joy includes immersion in the ocean to play with waves and his time in the studio attempting to capture some of the beauty of the human form with clay.

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