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The installation piece is envisioned to use motors created by the students to illustrate (1) the ways in which motors are used and surround us in our lives and (2) create a sense of scale, motion and fluidity.

1. Overall Construction/Support Base

  • Designed to be moved from location to location for one


  • Requires only (2) 110V outlets at install location

  • Surge protector power strip built into base

  • Base/box with locking wheels - conceals uplighting,

       power strips, fans, etc.

2. Base Globe

  • Plaster “globe” shell approx 20-24” diameter

  • Paper mache painted exterior earth motif; black inside

  • Interior uplighting to cyclone

  • 8-12” hole in top for upper cyclone armature

  • (2) 6” diameter holes approx 8” above base for [4]

       windsock armatures

3. Cyclone

  • Chicken wire or equivalent; approx 4-5’ tall (above globe)

  • Structurally stable enough to mount small motors with

       use schematics (fridge, toothbrush, etc.)

  • Interior gauze “sock” - color TBD; gentle movement by

       fan in base

  • Doll at base of cyclone with dress loosely connected to

       windsocks in [4]

4. Armature/Windsocks

  • 5-7 motors equipment with light gauze miniature

       windsocks and fans powered by motors to create sense

       of movement/motion.

  • May have to “retrofit” motor fans to work continuously

       with 110V power.

  • Loosely attach base of each windsock to the doll’s dress

       to create sense of connection between us (the doll) and

       motors around us.

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